Community Operations


It's worth noting that during the most challenging months of the pandemic (May and June 2020), the foundation coordinated weekly deliveries of breakfast and lunch to all essential agencies in San Cristóbal (Police, AMET, Civil Defense, Red Cross, Firefighters, 911), including the COVID area of the Juan Pablo Pina hospital. A total of 1725 meals were distributed during this time.

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Rejuvenation of a local school playground area

As part of a community outreach initiative, a group of high school students from the USA actively participated in the rejuvenation of a local school playground area. Through their collective efforts, the once-dilapidated playground was transformed into a vibrant and inviting space for children to enjoy. Armed with paintbrushes, shovels, and a shared passion for service, these students worked tirelessly to revitalize the playground, repainting faded structures, repairing equipment, and landscaping the surrounding area.

Their dedication and hard work not only breathed new life into the playground but also revitalized the spirit of the entire community. By coming together to make a positive impact, these students demonstrated the power of teamwork, empathy, and civic responsibility, leaving behind a lasting legacy of joy and inclusivity for generations to come.

Empowering Minds

Promoting Literacy Among Underprivileged Children in San Cristobal In recognition of the transformative power of reading and the significance of cultivating this habit from a young age, our foundation has initiated a program aimed at fostering literacy among underprivileged children in various towns of San Cristobal.

Through this endeavor, we distribute books, including interactive ones, to children who may not have easy access to such resources. By providing them with the tools to explore new worlds and expand their imaginations, we hope to instill a lifelong love for reading and learning, empowering them to pursue their dreams and unlock their full potential.

Back-to-School Support for Underprivileged Youth

As the summer camp season draws to a close and a new school year looms ahead, our foundation takes pride in alleviating the financial burden on underprivileged families in the Dominican Republic by providing essential supplies for their children.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we distribute backpacks filled with school essentials to students in need, ensuring they start the academic year equipped for success. This initiative not only benefits the children by enhancing their educational experience but also eases the financial strain on parents, allowing them to redirect funds towards essential needs like food and shelter.

Empowering Female Athletes in the Dominican Republic

With the collaborative efforts of our donors and high school students from the USA who join us during our summer camp programs, our foundation has made significant strides in supporting female softball teams across different regions of the Dominican Republic

Through donations of softball gear and equipment, we aim to provide young female athletes with the resources they need to pursue their passion for sports and compete at their best. By empowering these athletes and promoting gender equality in sports, we hope to inspire confidence, leadership, and camaraderie among the next generation of female athletes in the Dominican Republic.